John Fletcher: A Critical Reappraisal

Provisional Conference Programme*

*Programme may be subject to minor changes


Friday 26th June 2015:

From 08.15 – Registration

08.45 – Welcome – José A. Pérez Díez and Steve Orman

09.00 – Keynote 1 – Professor Sandra Clark – “Some Phases of Fletcher’s Creative Engagement with Shakespeare”

10.00 – Coffee

10.30 – Panel A – Fletcher and Renaissance Theatre 1: Fletcher, Comedy, and Tragedy

  • Nicola Boyle (De Montfort University), “The Farcical Nature of Fletcher’s Comedy: A Case Study – The Nightwalkers
  • Christopher Salamone (University of Oxford), “Playing Spirits and the Spirit of Play in Fletcher and Shirley’s The Nightwalkers
  • Katherine M. Graham (University of Westminster), “‘Is there no way / To take this Phoenix?’: Repetition and Revenge in Fletcher’s The Tragedy of Valentinian and Cupid’s Revenge

11.50 – Lunch

13.00 – Panel B – Post-1900 Fletchers

  • Vimala C. Pasupathi (Hofstra University), “Digital Fletcher(s)”
  • Peter Malin (Independent Scholar), “‘Bum-fiddled with a bastard’: The Chances on the Modern Stage”
  • Charles Cathcart (Open University), “Fletcher, Middleton, and the Legacy of Cyrus Hoy’s Attribution Studies”

14.30 – Panel C – Fletcher and Politics

  • Eoin Price (Swansea University), “Rebellious Fletcher”
  • Astrid Stilma (Canterbury Christ Church University), “Stoicism as a Political Language in Jacobean Drama”

15.45 – Coffee

16.15 – Panel D – Contextualising Fletcher’s World: Family, Queens, and Censorship

  • Claire Bartram (Canterbury Christ Church University), “‘Yea, I have a goodly heritage’ (Psalms 16.6): Literary creativity within John Fletcher’s Family”
  • Eva Griffith (Independent Scholar, London), “‘Visions of Queens: Shakespeare and Fletcher’s All is True and Thomas Heywood’s If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody Part 1”
  • Joseph F. Stephenson (Abilene Christian University), “Sir John Van Olden Barnavelt: Dutch Setting, English Meanings”

17.40 – Keynote 2 – Dr Lucy Munro – “Fletcher and his Family: Biographical Criticism and its Discontents”

18.40 – Walk to town.

19.00 – Conference Dinner (Café du Soleil). £30 per head.

Saturday 27th June 2015:

09.00 – Panel E – Global Fletchers

  • José A. Pérez Díez (The Shakespeare Institute), “Revisiting the ‘strange bifronted posture’: a reconsideration of John Fletcher’s Spanish influences”
  • Domenico Lovascio (Università degli Studi di Genova), “‘I am ashamed I warred at home, my friends, / When such wealth may be got abroad’: Lust, Luxury and Anti-Imperialism in Fletcher and Massinger’s The False One

10.30 – Keynote 3 – Professor Clare McManus – “Canonising Fletcher”

11.30 – Coffee

11.50 – Panel F – Fletcher and Renaissance Theatre 2: Staging Ideas and Educating Audiences

  • Gabriella Edelstein (The University of Sydney), “The Tamer Taught: Reworking the Educational Practices of The Taming of the Shrew in Fletcher’s The Woman’s Prize
  • Elizabeth Sharrett (Birmingham City University), “Husbands, Wives, Rulers, and Subjects: Exploring Household Government in John Fletcher’s The Woman’s Prize, or The Tamer Tamed
  • Steve Orman (Canterbury Christ Church University), “John Fletcher, Nathan Field, and Youth Culture”
  • Malte S. Unterweg (Philipps-Universität Marburg), “Friendship, Love and Marriage: Human Relationships in Selected Plays of John Fletcher”

13.35 – Lunch

14.30 – Keynote 4 – Professor Gordon McMullan – “Unease Revisited”

15.30 – Closing Remarks – José A. Pérez Díez and Steve Orman

15.45 – Walk to St. Mildred’s Church

16.15 – Script-in-hand performance of The Two Noble Kinsmen (in St. Mildred’s Church). With a Q+A afterwards with Professor Lois Potter and director Dr Kate De Rycker

19.00 – Conference ends.


One thought on “Programme

  1. […] JUNE sees the opening of two of my favourite plays: Measure for Measure at the Globe and Othello at the RSC. I’ll hope to see both. It’s also an interesting month for staged readings of John Ford. The Globe’s Read Not Dead will produce The Queen in May and follow that up with The Lover’s Melancholy and Perkin Warbeck in June. You can see the full list here. Perkin Warbeck is really wonderful, so I’ll try very hard to see it (in the meantime, someone please do a full production). I’ll be in Canterbury at the end of the month for the John Fletcher conference at which there will be a script-in-hand performance of The Two Noble Kinsmen at St Mildred’s Church. The full details, including the conference programme, are available here. […]


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